Troy challenges kids that he works with and has high expectations of them. He’s so encouraging and makes you feel like you can do it. He’s the best coach to work with!

Lily – student (Pass the Music On)

Troy is very talented and enthusiastic and takes his role as a mentor very seriously. It was incredible to witness my son’s excitement grow along with his confidence on the stage. A huge thank you to Troy for his ongoing dedication and guidance, it was an experience my son and I will never forget.      

Alissa – parent

One of the best vocal training sessions I have ever had. I have had many with other teachers but honestly, I learned more in one session with Troy than any other vocal teacher!

Leah – student (coaching)

With a gentle, focused and professional disposition, Troy creates an inclusive teaching environment where kids are encouraged to support one another and work together to create music. What some teachers can accomplish with their students in a week, I’ve seen Troy accomplish in a day.  His style of teaching  holds the attention of his students effortlessly, in part because he is such a talented artist, but also because there is a tangible feeling in the room that he genuinely wants to help those he works with to become the best they can be.

Miriam – Rehearsal Coordinator